Random Hearts Story & Photo Gallery


Hearts . . . they were never really my thing and then one day on vacation after a conversation with a stranger they became my thing.

Finding Random Hearts started in 2011 on a vacation to Glacier National Park in Montana. It was the kindness of a stranger that helped me see that there are reminders of love everywhere and those reminders show up as random hearts.

Here’s My Random Heart Story (scroll down for the gallery of photos) . . .

I had a brief conversation with a stranger who commented on the shirt I was wearing. It had the word love on it. He said he liked my shirt and said he saw someone yesterday wearing a love shirt too. He then said, “we need more of that  . . . we need more love in the world”. I smiled and agreed. 

That brief conversation with a stranger illuminated love for me in the form of random hearts. The rest of our trip I saw random hearts everywhere! I took pictures and shared the story on Facebook. Once home from our trip I continued to see random hearts and would snap a picture and share it online. Then, friends started sending me their pictures of random hearts and suddenly I became a curator of Random Heart pictures. It felt really important to house these random heart pictures in one place because in our fast past world it can be easy to forget that love is everywhere. And so The Random Heart Photo Gallery was created as a reminder to us all that love is everywhere we just have to be open to it.  

I received this message from one of my friends about finding random hearts. 

“I love how someone has taken one simple thought for us to look for the heart of everything and when we find it, we make notice of it! That one simple idea has made us all stop and take a breath and a thought of the person that reminded us to look for it!! I love seeing these when they come around! Thank you Carrie Saba!! – Andrea Wyatt

Here is a little video about my story and how the Random Heart Photo Gallery came to be. 


Random Hearts Photo Gallery!

The collection of photos below are pictures I took or someone sent me to share. As you look through the photos, you can’t help but smile as you see for yourself that love is everywhere!

Do you have a random heart picture you would like displayed?

Feel free to send me your pic along with permission for me to post it and I will be sure to get it on the gallery and share it with others. When we all share our pictures of our random heart finds it inspires others to be on the lookout. Be open to love!

E-mail your Random Heart Pictures to Carrie@CarrieSaba.com with the subject line Random Hearts and I will be sure to add it to the gallery.