EFT / Tapping Sessions


Being kind to ourselves through our struggles

is not easy and often feels impossible.


Avoiding our feelings by numbing out with food or alcohol is more common than we realize or are willing to admit. 


The truth is, when we are stressed out life can feel really hard. Sometimes it seems easier to stuff our feelings with food, mindlessly eating chips or chocolate; or over-scheduling our day so we don’t have time to stop and take a breather to feel what’s really going on in our life. And let’s not forget that society has made it completely acceptable to take the stresses of our day away by numbing out with alcohol. Happy hour anyone . . . care for a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey?

All of the avoidance and numbing out can seem like it helps until one day it just doesn’t and you’re not happy and you’re struggling inside and don’t know what to do. 



It can be EXHAUSTING –  the cycle of  perpetual stress 24/7 and the effort it takes to PRETEND all is well in your world.


“Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.” – World Health Organization

Feeling stressed out, angry, frustrated, anxious or any other negative emotion can become quietly, or not so quietly, your everyday way of being. It can take a prominent spot in your head without you even realizing. 

Have you ever had a day when you got so annoyed by a coworker you were in a bad mood the rest of the day and then took it out on your family in the evening? Or have you gotten so mad at yourself for eating a cupcake you couldn’t stop beating yourself up in your mind with words you wouldn’t even say to your worst enemy?

The negative chatter that keeps playing over and over like a news cycle you can’t turn off affects your entire being. Your brain can’t distinguish between what you’re imagining or what is actually happening in your life so you’re in a constant state of fight or flight.


We were never taught how to deal with uncomfortable, negative feelings that pop into our mind. We weren’t taught how to relax, reduce our stress levels and get on the other side of feelings we so often try to avoid. 





How can we help ourselves when we are stressed out, facing challenges that seem as if they will never go away and we are silently struggling inside? 




Me with Dawson Church, founder of EFT Universe

I’m certified in Clinical EFT through EFT Universe. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is often called Tapping. I use EFT and Tapping interchangeably. Clinical EFT is an evidence based method that has been validated in research studies that meet the American Psychological Association. 

Tapping has made a HUGE difference in my life and I have  witnessed major transformations and incredible breakthroughs from those I have had the honor of leading through a tapping session. They were able to get on the other side of pains in their body, overwhelm, anxiety, food cravings, shame, trauma, grief, sadness and anger.

Tapping is something I have found to be incredibly helpful in living a life with less stress and negativity and more love and happiness. It’s helped me get to the otherside of challenging and emotional experiences in incredibly healing ways. 

I want to share it with YOU!

I first heard about tapping in 2011 and knew it was being used to help people with pain, stress, trauma and had been scientifically proven to help reduce PTSD. Then, in 2012, I donated to a cause where tapping was being used to help people that experienced something devastating and traumatic. For the donation I made, I received a book called “The Tapping Solution” by Nick Ortner. I put the book on my bookshelf knowing that “one day” I would read it. It sat there for years. Fast forward to the summer of 2016, I was experiencing terrible neck and shoulder pain where I wasn’t able to turn my head without it hurting. It lasted about two months. I tried countless things to alleviate the pain . . . changing my pillow, essential oils, chiropractor, ointments, a massage . . . nothing worked. Then, one day the book that had been sitting on my shelf for years, “The Tapping Solution”, came to my mind and wouldn’t go away. I finally got it off my bookshelf and basically devoured it. I tried the techniques described and was completely blown away because after two rounds of tapping the pain in my neck and shoulder disappeared. It was gone! I literally could not believe it . . . I was in complete and total awe. Oh and it never came back. After that experience, I knew I needed to learn more about it and get training so I could share this powerful tool with others. And so my journey began to become a Certified EFT Practitioner. 




It’s possible to overcome self-sabotage and beliefs that hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. 

It’s possible to get on the other side of feelings that have you down in the dumps and feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand. 

It’s possible to reduce your stress and diminish the intensity of emotional trauma and negative emotions.



EFT/Tapping is similar to acupuncture without the needles. It uses the mind-body connection while combining ancient Chinese acupressure points and modern psychology. It’s often called energy psychology.

You use your fingertips and tap on specific meridian endpoints on your body. While tapping, you focus on the negative emotions or physical sensations and your nervous system begins to calm down and balance the energy in your body so you are feeling more relaxed and at ease. It can neutralize a triggering event in a matter of minutes. 

During a tapping session, I guide you as we honor your truth by acknowledging and accepting how you are feeling in the present moment on whatever topic is at the forefront causing you to feel stressed, sad, angry or any other negative emotion. As we move through the tapping sequence you will feel supported and begin to feel more relaxed. There are several techniques I have been trained in to help support you as you get to the other side of stress and negativity even when you think it is not possible. 

I personally think EFT is a SUPERPOWER we all have and we just need to tap into it! Ha ha get it? Tap into it? Okay, I am not great with jokes. But, the truth is it is a powerful, healing technique with many clinical trials and undeniable research proving real and lasting results for many issues including stress, fears/phobias, grief, addictions, PTSD, depression, weight control, anxiety, pain, pet peeves, anxiety, cravings, grief, and performance improvements.

The Veterans Stress Projectan initiative of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, has been doing scientific studies for years using EFT to help veterans with PTSD. They discovered that 8 out of 10 veterans that completed 6 one-hour tapping sessions no longer tested positive for PTSD – that is an 80% success rate! It’s possible for a veteran to no longer suffer from PTSD the rest of their life for serving their country. That is just incredible!

I encourage you to check out the links above (highlighted in blue) to learn more about the research and clinical trials that have been done and the amazing results people have experienced using EFT.



I use tapping almost every day.

It has helped me calm down in the midst of an argument; reduced my stress levels when I’ve been overwhelmed, eliminated food cravings and bingeing when I am stressed; created a sense of peace inside when I was overcome with worry;  helped me with the transition of my first child heading off to college; eliminated my frustration with annoyances and pet peeves; helped me process and move through sadness and grief . . . the list literally goes on and on.

It’s like magic . . . scientifically proven magic!

Friends and family often hear me say,  “tap on it” – “it” being whatever is stressing them out in that moment. It is a game changer in supporting you on living a life of more love,  joy and happiness. 






I want you to experience tapping for yourself because it is hard to understand the amazingness of EFT without trying it. It’s one of those things that someone can tell you all about it and you just don’t get it until you experience it for yourself.

I want to teach you this tool so when the negative chatter and emotions show up that wreak havoc on your life you have something at your fingertips to support you on getting on the other side instead of avoiding by numbing out with food, alcohol or whatever other vice you use. 

I want you to release the stress and negative chatter  so you feel more love for yourself within your mind, body and soul. EFT can help do this. It is transformative and I want you to experience it for yourself. 



Of course you can start tapping on your own today, which I highly recommend but, working with me takes it to a whole different level. We become a team with a plan to get you where you want to go in the fastest way possible.  I can help you release things hiding in your blind spots while using techniques to clear out long standing issues in a gentle and powerful way.

Working with me can shave off  months or even years of your healing journey. One of my greatest strengths as a health coach and EFT practitioner is my ability to work intuitively to really hone in on the root of the issue and peel away the layers leaving you feeling refreshed and alive and grateful to be your beautiful self.



“Carrie is an ultimate professional. Her ability to ‘set the tone’ and understand her client makes her incredibly successful. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and engaged in the tapping process led to results and outcomes that were surprising! I found the experience to both highly emotional and healing. It’s hard to believe the impact until you try it yourself. Carrie – thank you for being an amazing teacher, healer and guide.”  – Irene Adams

“Carrie has the knack for getting to the heart of the matter. She is so patient.  ( I actually had forgotten appmt & wasn’t ready). Her compassion shines through as she guides one to learn the tapping technique.  Tapping is an unbelievably simple, but powerful way for us to help oneself.  It was a bargain!!  I have showed my child and at least two friends how to use it.  Thank you.”  – J. Myers

“Tapping with Carrie has been very powerful. She’s helped me work through various things such as releasing grief, overcoming fear, eliminating doubt, and easing tension around childhood trauma. Tapping is about addressing the emotion at hand and returning back to love and self acceptance. Carrie is masterful in holding sacred space for growth and breakthrough.” – Amy Marzluff



Initial sessions are 90 minutes in length via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime.  

We will identify the stresses and emotions that are creating struggles for you.

You will learn the basic  EFT / Tapping sequence so you can use it anytime on your own.

You will experience a guided tapping session focusing on your current challenges and struggles uncovering the possible root cause contributing to these negative feelings and struggles.

You will release energy disruptions in your body utilizing EFT so you’re feeling more relaxed, less stressed and overall better than you did before we started. 

You will have a new tool in your toolbox to use when you’re faced with internal struggles and stresses to help you feel more calm and ease in your daily life.

Initial sessions are 90 minutes and follow up sessions are 60 minutes in length. Sessions are $150.  There are two packages available at discounted rates: 3 session package at a 10% discount rate – includes initial 90 minutes session and two 60 minute follow up sessions; 5 session package at a 15% discount rate –  includes initial 90 minute session and four 60 minute follow up sessions.  Packages can be paid in two installments.

EFT Universe students discounted rates are available.

I also work with veterans through The Veterans Stress Project at a substantially discounted rate. Please inquire for details. 


You can e-mail me with the topic or issue that is top of mind for you or you can call me directly at 614-288-8781.

We will then schedule your initial session or I offer 15 minute discovery calls if you desire to ensure this is a good next step for you. 

Let’s work together to tap away the stresses that are taking up way to much space in your body, mind and spirit and help you feel more relaxed and living a life of full on love, joy and happiness.


I invite you to join me in a tapping session. It is a game changer! Connect with Me and Let’s Get Your Tapping Session Scheduled!