Health & Lifestyle Coaching

A one-on-one experience where you get to focus on YOU!

It’s a time for you to connect to your body, mind and spirit and truly listen to how you are really feeling and what you desire for your life. It’s a time for you to get real with yourself so you can shine your light brighter!

We all have struggles, we all have responsibilities and the stresses we encounter daily can really drag us down where we feel sick, exhausted and stressed to the max.  Maybe it is time to release some of that stress, maybe it is time to learn about how foods can help heal your body, maybe it’s time to release that anger or frustration that you’ve stuffed inside so you can feel better. know deep down you need a change . . . it’s time you do something for you. You’re one that is always on the go with a fierce intensity even when you are feeling tired, overwhelmed and stressed out . . . you keep going. But, there is a yearning inside that wants you to hit the pause button and you just haven’t done it yet. But, you keep telling yourself you will . . . soon.

There is no doubt about it you are a do’er. You get things done and you are busy. You are on the go whether it is for work, family or friends. Your to-do list is constantly being added to and your mind never stops thinking about all you need to do. There are typically a few things on your list that you really want to do, and some are simply for your own enjoyment, but they are always at the bottom of the list and you rarely get to them. It’s not that you don’t want to get to those fun things on the bottom of your list, but you are just so busy doing other things, and often for those you love and care about, that you simply just don’t get to it and you end up neglecting YOU!

Then, you have brief moments, maybe in the car driving or in the shower . . . and you take a big sigh and think, “If only I could just create a little space for myself.” At times, you desperately want a little breathing room where you can feel more relaxed and spend time doing something for yourself. It’s not that you don’t like your life because you do, but you could use a recharge for yourself.

Private Health and Lifestyle Coaching is just that . . . a recharge and a way to make sustainable changes so you are feeling healthy, happy and able to shine your light bright. It’s about connecting with all parts of your life and taking small steps that last so you are living a life you love, full of energy and feeling good from the inside out.

I will help you align how you want to feel with how you are actually living your life.

Cutting through the clutter and releasing self-doubt that drags you down is where we start.

You’re a motivated and determined person that goes above and beyond and gives 110% and somewhere along the line the relationship with yourself was put on the back burner while you took care of everything and everyone else leaving you feeling depleted, stressed out, exhausted, maybe even sick and definitely not feeling lit up about your life.

When is it your turn to spend a little time on you? 

Creating a partnership with you is a top priority for me. I am a guide, your cheerleader, an accountability partner, coach and truth see’er. I am your personal wellness advocate.

  • I will support you as you make small changes that provide you with a big impact and you will feel it.
  • You will ease into healthier living so that you don’t add additional stress to your life and instead feel inspired and motivated.
  • We will take time to focus on what is “good and new” and where there are opportunities for improvement. When was the last time you had a full hour where the sole focus could be on you?
  • You will learn how you to release stress and bring more relaxation into your life in a matter of minutes, even when you are in the midst of chaos.
  • We will look at all areas of your life, because they are all inter-connected. If one area is off then chances are there is another area of your life that needs your attention.
  • You will experience more joy and pleasure in your days as you begin to nourish yourself on a deeper level. It isn’t about a diet, it is about a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is delicious and nourishing.
  • You will feel a difference and your inner light will start to shine brighter.

Private coaching sessions are done virtually via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or Phone. Because you are busy, your time is precious and this is a convenient way to get a lot accomplished no matter where you are in the world. I live in Eastern time zone but accommodate all time zones so literally you can be anywhere and we can connect.

Feeling healthy and happy is the foundation to living a life you love! Feeling more confident about who you are and what you have to offer the world is a result of learning more about yourself and what nourishes your body, mind and spirit.

It is time. It is time to feel good from the inside out so you can shine your light and help brighten our world. 

What others are saying . . .

“I can’t thank Carrie enough for giving me the “kick” I needed to get back on track again for a healthier lifestyle. After starting a business, I found it easy to fall behind in taking care of myself. Carrie helped me realize the most important part of my business, is taking care of myself. As a result of working with Carrie our entire family is eating healthier, losing weight, and is on a regular exercise program. She has truly helped me embrace the importance of work/life balance in my career, home, and life as a mother. Thanks, Carrie!” Miriam — Columbus, Ohio

“With Carries guidance I feel balanced for the first time in my life; spiritually, health wise, in my relationships, in my career, emotionally and physically. Carrie has helped cleanse me of my negativity and doubtfulness. She has helped me recognize my inner confidence, and has shown me I can trust and love others without reservation. As a result of my experiences in working with Carrie, I am now able to see the strong, independent, and confident young woman inside of me every day. It feels so wonderful and healthy! Thank you Carrie!” Ciara Lydon — San Diego, California

A few more details about private coaching:

  • Typically, we will start with an initial discovery session to be sure we are a good match to partner together. It’s important that we both feel comfortable with each other and that I feel I can fully support your needs and desires.
  • Each session is an hour.
  • We customize how often we will meet based on your personal goals. However, typically we start with every 2-3 weeks and then it can move to monthly for maintenance if we feel that will work well.
  • You will receive a written e-mail recap with your goals and reminders via e-mail within 24 hours of your session. This is so you can be completely present in our conversations and not have to worry about taking notes to remember.
  • I not only rely upon my education and training when coaching, but I also rely upon my intuition to guide me through our sessions. This has proven to be invaluable to many of my clients.
  • Everything we discuss is completely confidential and I create a safe and sacred space for our sessions.

When you take time for yourself and your personal well-being, it gives you the energy and motivation to give more to others. You will feel more vibrant and find more joy every day and you will be able to shine your light bright! 

Carrie Saba purple edge

I am an open-hearted listener of your truth, leading you to love while embracing ease and flow. I am not afraid of the edge. I am passionate about helping you leave room in your days for you. I want you to see your light and start letting it shine and live a life you love . . . feeling healthy and happy! I believe it is possible and I want to support you on your wellness journey.


Say yes to yourself and schedule a discovery session with me to see if private health and lifestyle coaching is the next best step for you! It’s 45 minutes to an hour and we focus on you and your personal wellness goals. It is a time for me to learn more about you and how you are feeling in your life and for you to experience my coaching style. It’s an easy way to see if we are a good match to partner together. You will also walk away with wellness tips and goals to get your started on feeling happier and healthier. Say yes!


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Step inside of love for yourself & let your light shine!

Show up for yourself and choose you. Step inside of love for yourself and let your light shine.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more energy to do the things you love and still do for others without feeling deprived and exhausted? Becoming more aware of what your heart desires and increasing your self-acceptance and confidence is all part of the process when you begin Health and Lifestyle Coaching. When you nourish all parts of yourself you can’t help but feel a difference.

This is not for someone that is unwilling to try new things. If you aren’t willing to be open-minded and aren’t willing to show up for yourself and get real then Private Health & Lifestyle coaching with me probably is not for you.

Private one-on-one coaching is an experience for someone that knows it is time to make a change and a little extra support and accountability would be helpful. While you are the only one that can change your habits, I will support you along the way and take a lot of the guess work out so you can get right to increasing your happiness, feeling more energetic with a sparkle in your eye about your life.


Invest in yourself today!

  • Discovery session – $45 
  • Individual Session – $150
  • 3 Session Package – $405
  • 5 Session Package – $637

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