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Green Smoothie Recipe

A great way to get your green veggies in is with a smoothie! This was delicious and very refreshing! Ingredients: 4-5 pineapple chunks a handful of green or purple grapes a handful of parsley, rinsed  1 orange, peeled with no…


Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate smoothies are great for breakfast or even for a snack in the middle of the day! This chocolate smoothie is packed full of nutrients and it will quench your chocolate craving in a snap!   Ingredients 1 banana 1…


Great Summer Smoothie – Pina Colada Smoothie

This is a great summer drink and will help you feel refreshed with the hot summer weather. While Pina Colada’s are often associated with alcohol this is a non-alcoholic drink so it is perfect for the kids. It is a super…


Carrie’s Stand-by Smoothie: Packed with greens, without the greens taste!

 Warmer weather is a great time to start adding  smoothies to your life. Get your blender out and try this easy and packed full of nutrients recipe! I make this smoothie several times a week. I get some greens in and it taste great!…