How the kindness of a stranger created a heart-felt vacation!

When was the last time a stranger did or said something to you that impacted your day for the positive? Most of us will remember times when a stranger was rude or did something that was inappropriate, but we often forget about those positive moments when a stranger smiled at you, held the door open, or said hello. Small gestures from a stranger can impact your day more than you ever thought. Read on and see how I was affected in a big heart-felt way by what a stranger said to me.

I love our national parks and was on a recent trip to Montana to enjoy Glacier National Park. It was magnificent! It was an awesome trip of hiking and enjoying the healing nature of being outdoors. As my husband and I stopped off at a general store to get a few things we needed, I waited outside and emptied trash from the car. Oh and yes, it was actually called a general store for those of you wondering. Anyway, there was a man parked next to us waiting for the rest of his party to come back out from the general store. He said to me, “I like your shirt”. Having almost forgotten what I was wearing I looked down and thought “Oh, yeah my love shirt”. I said, “thank you”. He then replied, “I saw someone wearing a shirt yesterday with the word love on it too . . . we need more of that . . . more love in the world.” I smiled, and said, “We do – thanks!”. We talked a bit more and then we were both on our ways.

That short conversation that lasted only a few minutes put the word love at the forefront of my mind. As we continued on our day and the rest of our trip love was showing up everywhere . . . love in the form of hearts!

You will not believe the places where I found hearts and it wasn’t as if I was on a full fledged hunt for hearts. My plan was to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of nature which I love, but I never thought hearts would be showing up like they did.

This first picture I want to share had originally started out as a circle of rocks that someone else created. I noticed it as we were hiking to some waterfalls. I decided to stop and add some small rocks and make it a peace sign. I was really excited about adding to the circle and wondered if any of our fellow hikers would even notice it on their way to the waterfalls. I was hoping on our way down I would remember the spot where I created the peace sign.

As we were on our way down, I found where I had created the peace sign . . . but it was no longer a peace sign, it was two hearts! I thought how cool is that! With all the things someone could have changed my rock art to, they chose two hearts!

I was so excited and started thinking of all the hikers we passed and said hello to as they were heading up and we were heading down. I wondered which person it was that created the hearts! It actually didn’t matter who changed it, but I thought it was amazing that someone did and they made it into two hearts!

Now this next one, was amazing! We hiked to Iceberg Lake. It was a long hike and we packed a lunch to eat when we got there. We sat along the lake with many other hikers doing the same thing. As we were sitting on the rocks enjoying the peaceful scenery and eating lunch, I saw it! I saw a heart on the side of the mountain made of snow! I could not believe it!

Throughout the time we were at Glacier, I ended up finding a couple of rocks and a leaf along our many different hikes that were shaped like hearts. I was amazed every time.

This last heart photo was discovered after our trip while looking at our pictures. While it might be a stretch, look at the shades of the water and you will see a shadow of a cross and the water is in the shape of a heart. I circled it for you so could see where I am referencing.

Because I wore a shirt with the word love on it and a stranger said he liked it and that we need more love in the world, I was more aware and took some amazing pictures of hearts in nature. I encourage you to try to be more aware and appreciative of those kind moments from strangers because they just might change your day for the better. In the meantime, why not try being more open to love and see if you notice more hearts throughout your day?

If you start to find hearts showing up in your life, whether it is in nature or in another way please take a picture and post it on my facebook fan page. I would love to start seeing pictures of hearts that you discover throughout your days. I will do the same and maybe we will start feeling more love in our world. Have fun on your heart love adventure!