About Carrie

Open-hearted listener of your truth. Leading you to love while embracing ease & flow. Not afraid of the edge.

I am passionate about helping you leave room in your days for you, inviting you to connect with your becoming self. Not who you were yesterday, but who you are today and who you are becoming. I will hold your hand as I take you to your edge and walk with you out of your comfort zone as you embrace your true essence and feel healthier and happier being you! As your health and lifestyle coach, I want you to see your light and start letting it shine . . . . living a life you love - a zesty life!

As your guide, cheerleader, accountability partner and coach, I will support you along the journey of taking small yet significant steps to feeling happy, healthy and full of life! I want you to feel vibrant and living a life you love!

I have an intuitive and up-beat coaching style and I strive to ensure I create a safe space for you to get real with yourself so that you can remove the blocks that have held you back and move forward feeling healthier and happier about being you. I want your thoughts about yourself to be delicious. I want you to let go of what's been holding you back. I want you to show your colors and be you and feel good doing it.

I am a lover of random hearts and believe we can all live a magical life if we choose.

If you want to learn more about my background, my story and my beliefs click on over here and you can learn more . . . 


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